The bottom of the box of Humus dump trailers is made in one piece, which significantly increases the durability of the box. The box can also be reinforced with a bottom made of wear proof Hardox steel, which increases the durability and resistance of the box, so that rocks and other heavy materials can be transported with the dump trailer without damaging the trailer.


The Humus 18T dumper has a 50° tipping angle, which together with the half-pipe body ensures effective and safe unloading even for materials with a higher friction coefficient. Unloading is made easy with the hydraulic back hatch as part of standard equipment, which opens higher than the upper edge of the box, so that even a piled load can be unloaded. Side extensions can be added to the 13 m³ box of the Humus 18T dump trailer, resulting in a 23 m³ box.


A grain auger can be installed for Humus 18T, making the transport of grain faster and easier. In addition, the camera system, which helps with unloading grain from a harvester as well as with backing, has received a lot of positive feedback. Thanks to the camera system, the driver does not need to get out of the tractor to find out when the load is full or completely unloaded. A covertent, toolbox and rear light covers have been developed to increase the efficiency of work.


Humus 18T trailer is equipped with 600/50-22.5 tires. Different tire types allow driving speeds of 40…50 km/h. The trailer axles with adjustable locations and the rear steering axle can also be fitted. Standard equipment includes bogie axles, with which we recommend to use a suspensioned drawbar in order to ensure a stable and smooth ride. The brake system is hydraulic as standard and can be replaced with a pneumatic one.

Length (mm) 7770
Width (mm) 2550
Height (mm) 2450 - 3300
Internal size of the box (mm) 6000/2260/1100
Capacity (m³) 13
Capacity with extensions (m³) 23
Unladen weight (kg) 5000
Maximum load capacity (kg) 18000
Total weight (kg) 23000
Speed limit (km/h) 40 / 50¹
Tilt angle (deg) 50
Standard wheels 600/50-22,5
Brakes (hydraulical) two axles

¹ - With leafspringed axleunit


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