Humus dump trailers for agriculture sector are a good answer if you need a reliable solution that can handle different type of tough jobs. The Humus 9ST dump trailer suits well with a smaller tractor. 


Farmers have chosen Humus 9ST because it's easy to use and helps them increase their efficiency for the following reasons:

  • The Humus 9ST tractor trailer has a bogie axle, which helps to cover difficult terrain and hydraulic brakes;
  • The Humus 9ST trailer tilts up to 60 degrees and so it's easier and faster to get the material off the box;
  • Minimum number of parts have been used to produce the box, so the box is very strong;
  • Two back hatches that can be used simultaneously - the construction hatch and up-hanging/side opening hatch.


Transportation of the trailer and transportation of materials and machinery with the trailer is simple because:

  • It’s very easy to attach the trailer into a truck load because it has 4 attachment points beneath the box;
  • It’s very easy to transport machinery and materials with the trailer because in standard solution it has 4 fastening hooks inside and 4 outside of the box to fasten the load. 

Great selection of accessories enables to configure the trailer as needed for the customer for example with:

  • Side extensions, which increase the capacity of the box with additional 4,2 cubic meters;
  • Side/up hanged back hatch;
  • Service ladder;
  • LED lights
  • etc.
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Length (mm) 4950
Width (mm) 2310
Height (mm) 1800 - 2225
Internal size of the box (mm) 3750/2100/700
Steel thickness bottom and sides (mm) 4
Capacity (m³) 5,5/9,7
Unladen weight (kg) 2000
Maximum load capacity (kg) 9000
Total weight (kg) 11000
Speed limit (km/h) 40
Tilt angle (º) 60
Stubaxle bolt pattern 6/205/160
Standard wheels 400/60-15,5
Standard axle bogie
Brakes (hydraulical) one axle


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