Earth and other material-moving trailers for wheeled excavators and tractors have received a warm welcome in forefront markets, like Sweden and Norway, in recent years. Cost-effective construction companies and their owners and engineers have realized the huge potential both in wheeled excavator-trailer and tractor-trailer combinations in very difficult conditions like muddy and uneven terrain or narrow city areas.


Construction companies have chosen Humus 10CTS because it increases their profit for the following reasons:

  • the trailer is easy to use for the operator because the box has been designed for emptying it with a bucket;
  • very durable and strong box with an internal width of 2400mm made of one of the best steels in the world – SSAB Hardox 450 steel, is in standard solution;
  • lights and hoses have been placed protectively inside and between the frame to decrease substantially repair costs and therefore lifetime costs of the trailer.


Transportation of the trailer and transportation of materials and machinery with the trailer is simple because:

  • It’s effortless to attach the trailer to a truckload because it has 4 attachment points beneath the box;
  • It’s very easy to transport machinery and materials to and off the construction site with the trailer because in standard solution it has 6 fastening hooks inside and 6 outside of the box to fasten the load;
  • It’s the widest trailer on the market, so it facilitates wider machinery and materials. 

The biggest selection of accessories enables to configuration of the trailer as needed for the construction company for example with:

  • One of the kind side extensions that increase the capacity of the box with an additional 9,4 cubic meters;
  • Smart hydraulics which enables opening the back hatch and then tip with one hydraulic hose line;
  • Steerable or suspension drawbar;
  • Opening sides. It makes it easier to load and unload pallets and equipment;
  • etc.

All dimensions and weights depend on the specific trailer specifications and local laws. The product development team constantly updates the trailer models. So, all dimensions and masses are subject to change. Images are for illustrative purposes only.

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Length (mm) 5600
Width (mm) 2530
Height (mm) 1740 - 2700
Internal size of the box (mm) 3900/2400/500
Hardox 450 bottom/sides (mm) 6/6
Capacity (m³) 4,7/14
Unladen weight (kg) 2900
Maximum load capacity (kg) 10000
Total weight (kg) 12900
Speed limit (km/h) 40
Tilt angle (º) 50
Stub axle bolt pattern 8/275/220
Standard wheels 500/50-17
Brakes (hydraulic) all wheels


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