Warranty Conditions

General Warranty Conditions for Humus by PMT products

These warranty conditions apply to products bearing the Humus by PMT brand manufactured by PMT OÜ.

  • The manufacturer provides a 12-month warranty for the products. The beginning of the warranty period is considered to be the day when the product came into the buyer's possession (the date the product was handed over for transport).
  • When the warranty period expires, the obligations arising from the manufacturer's warranty end.
  • In the case of a warranty case, the buyer undertakes to notify the manufacturer of this within 5 days after discovering the defect at the latest. A photo of the defective part must be taken and a report prepared, in which the product brand, serial number and a brief description of the defect must be noted. The buyer sends the report in writing or by email to the manufacturer. Then, within 30 days at the latest, the manufacturer carries out an examination to assess the causes of the defect. If the manufacturer's expertise confirms that the defect has occurred due to a manufacturing or design error, he undertakes to replace the defective part as soon as possible, but no later than within 30 days after confirming the expert's decision.
  • Under warranty, repairs are carried out at the Manufacturer's address (Tööstuse tn 7, Paide city, Estonia). The cost of transporting the product to and from the warranty repair is borne by the Buyer. The costs and transport costs of repairs outside the warranty repair conditions are borne by the Buyer.
  • The manufacturer has the right to authorize the buyer to independently replace defective parts.
  • The buyer has the right to disagree with the manufacturer's expertise by informing the manufacturer in writing.
  • Natural wear and tear of the product is not covered by the warranty, if the product has not been maintained and operated in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, and the restrictions given in the user manual have been ignored.
  • The manufacturer is not responsible for the obligations assumed by the buyer towards third parties.
  • The warranty expires before the deadline specified in the contract if the product is used for purposes not intended for it, the buyer has completed or modified the product without coordination with the manufacturer.
  • For the part of the product replaced during the warranty period, the warranty remains valid until the end of the general warranty period of the product.


Among other things, the following defects are not covered by the warranty:

  • which have arisen in connection with the natural wear and tear of the Product or its spare part;
  • caused by improper installation or connection of the product;
  • which has arisen from the characteristics of the material being transported or loaded;
  • which have arisen in connection with the use of the Product contrary to its technical conditions, safety requirements, security rules and purpose;
  • which have arisen in connection with the violation of the conditions and/or obligations set forth in the Product's user manual (such as safety requirements and the obligation to maintain the product) or the use of solutions and parts (including spare parts) not previously accepted by the Manufacturer;
  • which has arisen as a result of mechanical damage, breaking, carelessness, unforeseen circumstances, including an accident (such as fire, traffic accident, etc.);
  • of which the Buyer has not notified the Manufacturer in a written form that enables reproduction within 5 (five) days of its occurrence and/or the Buyer has not given the Manufacturer the opportunity to determine the cause of the defect;
  • to the extent of damage, the increase of which the Buyer could reasonably have prevented.

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