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Unlock Efficiency with the Humus Tree Shear for Excavators

Looking to transform your excavator into a versatile powerhouse? Look no further! Introducing the Humus Tree Shear TS-300-HD, designed to take your work to the next level. With a remarkable cutting capacity of up to 300mm in diameter, here's why the Humus Tree Shear is the ultimate choice:

Why Opt for the Humus Tree Shear?

  • Versatile Performance: You need to clear different areas of brush and trees. Humus tree shear does the job quickly and efficiently. The Humus Brush Cutter is your all-in-one solution.
  • Conquer All Types of Brush: From fine underbrush to trees up to 300mm in diameter, this cutter handles it all, ensuring no challenge is too big.
  • Elevate Your Excavator: Give your excavator an extra edge with a versatile attachment that adds another dimension to its capabilities.
  • Easy Transportation: Take the cutter wherever your excavator goes for on-the-spot use. It's hassle-free and convenient.

HUMUS by PMT - Built for Toughness

Our tree shear is engineered to thrive in the harshest conditions. Crafted from premium SSAB steel, with a Strenx 700 body and a Hardox 450 cutting component, it not only looks robust but delivers outstanding performance.

Ready to Maximize Efficiency?

Invest in the Humus Tree Shear TS-300-HD and empower your excavator to tackle any challenge with ease. Get a quote today and unlock the potential of your equipment. See the form below.

Technical specification:
Model: TS-300-HD
Mass: 645 kg
Opening 945 mm
Cutting diameter 300 mm
Recommended machine class 13-22 t
Max oil pressure 300 bar
Cutting force 222 kN



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