The boxes of the trailers are made with a minimum number of parts, which significantly increases the strength of the box. In addition, the bottom and sides of the boxes of Humus CT trailers are made of wear proof Hardox 450 steel, increasing the durability and resistance of the box. The Humus CT trailers have particularly strong structure and clean design, in order to provide simplicity and the best functionality.


Humus 13CTS trailer uses 550/45/22,5 tires. Customers can choose between different tire types and patterns. The selection includes diagonal and radial tires, wherein the latter ensure a much smoother ride. The flotation pattern has the property of self-cleaning from mud so that roads stay clean when driving out onto the road from a construction site.


Humus CT trailers have a 50° dump angle, ensuring effective and safe unloading even with materials with a higher friction resistance. Unloading is also made easier by various back hatches. Standard equipment includes a hydraulic back hatch, a so-called converter hatch. A mechanical back hatch can also be installed on the trailer as accessory equipment, helping transport bigger loads. The trailer boxes are constructed with a 90° angle between the sides and bottom, so that the box would fit the maximum amount of various equipment or a small excavator.

In addition, fastening hooks are installed in the box for fastening the load, in order to ease the transport of heavy machinery. The Humus CT trailers are also ideal for use with wheel excavators. To ease emptying of the box with a bucket, the angle between the bottom and sides of the box is 90° and fastening hooks are hidden inside the reinforcement ribs on the sides of the box.

Length (mm) 6345
Width (mm) 2530
Height, with extensions, with extensions + cover (mm) 2130, 2960, 3260
Internal size of the box (mm) 4555/2400/750
Hardox 450 bottom/sides (mm) 6/6
Capacity, with extensions (m³) 8,3/20
Unladen weight (kg) 3500
Maximum load capacity (kg) 13000
Total weight (kg) 16500
Speed limit (km/h) 40
Tilt angle (º) 50
Standard wheels 550/45 R22,5
Brakes (hydraulical) all wheels


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