The self-loading Humus bale carrier takes work to a new level. The hydraulic grapple lifts straw, hay or silo bales on the trailer during the drive, so that the tractor does not need to stop. The operator does not need to perform complicated maneuvers and there is also no need for a frontal loader. This solution helps to save time and fuel and is up to 6 times more efficient compared to traditional methods and a platform trailer.


The bale trailer has undergone successful tests and proven its efficiency and reliability with several farmers. A skilled operator only needs 10-12 minutes to load a full load of 20 bales. The Humus bale trailer has turned transporting bales into a one-man task, at the same time ensuring maximum speed and efficient work. Test results have shown that the Humus bale carrier allows to harvest up to 400 bales per day with one tractor.


The grapple on the side can be used to lift bales onto the trailer without stopping. Bales can be approached from along as well as across the field to lift them. This means that work can be done in the same direction as the harvester or bale press moves on the field. The grapple of the Humus trailer is designed to adjust bales for loading, so that work can be done along the field, therefore ensuring a smoother ride.


During the testing period, another company happened to be working alongside Humus on the next field over, using three tractors. One tractor was driving the platform trailer, the other was bringing bales together and the third was loading the platform. At the same time, Humus was using one tractor with the Humus hay bale tractor, who did all of these works. On the next field over, 30 bales were harvested with three tractors while 60 bales were harvested with the Humus bale trailer and one tractor, hence the nearly 6-time difference in effectiveness.

Length (mm) 11500
Width, two positions (mm) 2550 and 3000
Height (mm) 3840
Capacity (pc) 20¹
Unladen weight (kg) 5000
Maximum load capacity (kg) 15000
Total weight (kg) 20000
Speed limit (km/h) 40
Tilt angle (deg) 30
Standard wheels 600/50-22,5
Brakes (hydraulical) two axles

¹ - 20 hay or 14 silage bales


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