In the production of humus trailers, we have used as few different details as possible so that the design would follow our  clean line. When it comes to product design, the Humus team's primary desire is to offer simplicity and the best functionality.



It is possible to choose between different tire types and treads than diagonal and radial tires, the latter ensuring much smoother driving characteristics. The floatation tire pattern (the so-called hockey stick pattern) has the ability to clean itself of field mud to keep the road clean when driving on the road.



In the case of the sliding wall trailer, the biggest advantage is the ability to unload quickly at this high load capacity. This is also a plus in the case where height and maneuverability may be limited and the use of a tipper trailer is not possible. In addition, the advantage of making silage is the possibility of its immediate compaction and later the transport of thicker silage.

If you want a modern, safe and environmentally friendly trailer with low operating and maintenance costs, please contact us and ask for a quote using the form below.
Lenght (mm) 11975
Width (mm) 3000
Height (mm) 3930
Internal measures (mm) 10040/2845/2000
Capacity (m³) 52
Unladen weight (kg) 11000
Load capacity (kg) 20000
Gross weight (kg) 31000
Speed (km/h) 40


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