Screening Buckets

We're adding a new category of products into Humus product range. It's the screening buckets range with rotating head. The first product to introduce is a screening bucket for a machine in the range of 13 to 25 tons - The Humus RSB-1700. RSB standing for Rotating Screening Bucket.
All of the HUMUS by PMT screening buckets are with very strong construction and developed to withstand the harshest environments.
Thanks to the best quality steel from SSAB the Hardox 450 and Strenx 700 and great hydraulic motor from Black Bruin we are able to offer quality screening buckets that also look good.
In the case of ideal conditions, the soil screening productivity can be up to 20m³ per hour. NB! Productivity is affected by the moisture, consistency of the material, and other possible factors that complicate and/or facilitate screening.

SPECIFICATION in development RSB-1700 in development
Depth (mm)   2503  
Width (mm)   1700  
Height (mm)   1822  
Machine weight (t) in development 13 - 25 in development
Weight (kg)   1520  
Volume (m³)   1,8  
Screen diameter (mm)   1400  
Standard screen hole diameter (mm)   32  
Screen material   Hardox 450  
Frame material   Strenx 700  
Oil flow (l/min)   80-120  
Oil pressure (bar)   > 200  
Max oil pressure (bar)   280  



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